And this is where it all started…

So I started mountain biking a few years back. I do love it, but it’s as much the adrenaline pumping that keeps me going back for more as much as anything else. I can’t help but rise to a challenge. Which is why I entered a race last year. It would have been my first race, but not any old race, a 24 hour endurance race.

Unfortunately I crashed my car a month or so before the race and couldn’t take part. I was a little gutted to say the least, but I’m level headed and what’s meant to happen is meant to happen. It didn’t happen last year so I was hoping to do it this year, but I moved house last summer, gained weight, lost fitness and am generally way too unfit to make a serious challenge this year. And by serious challenge I’m not considering a serious challenge in the race, but it’s a serious enough challenge for me to take on the race and complete it.

So this is it, next year is the big year. I’m going for it again. And this time I’m hoping to take a few of you on my travels, through my trials and tribulations of training, through my attempt to lose the weight I’ve put on mainly around my stomach area – this could be the hardest challenge since I moved in with my girlfriend who is not only amazing and supports me in all my crazy adventures but is also a fine cook, pandering to my palate in wonderous and delightful ways, and through my rise back to a general level of fitness which satisfies me.

So far I’ve not done much about this, before Xmas I did start back at the gym which is a beginning, I’m still smoking, I still need a new bike and haven’t been out on my current one for about 6 months or more. Now although the race won’t be till approx. next May I’m already slightly worried at my lack of training, the fact I’m still smoking and also when I attempted to perform a plank exercise last week I could feel my body bowing in the middle from the sheer lack of muscle and weight of my stomach.

Enough of my complaining about my body though, it’s about time I did something about it. Starting tomorrow. Maybe.

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One Response to And this is where it all started…

  1. Kevin Mills says:

    Good luck with that. I once completed a 24 hour endurance race. It was in Richmond Park and it was hard goi….hang on. That was a 24 minute endurance race.

    I failed to finish.

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