Sunny days are here again.

So here it is, the sun is back and shining and everyone is happy. Including me. I love the sun. It’s about this time I like to get out and about and really enjoy myself. Normally. but that was before I started to feel a little older. I’m feeling I’ve been run a little ragged of late and so just sitting in the garden is about all I want to do. Especially after a tiring swimming session (I have been doing some exercise – it’s not complete laziness on my part). Oh, and I was stung by something today at the pool. It’s not an open air pool, but they did have the door open to let air in. Something flew in and sat in my hair, waiting for me to run my fingers through my hair so it could sting me. It was a dastardly plan by the flying bug in question and it worked a treat. Damn it.

The sun caught me out last night though, it’s not the summer yet as I was quickly reminded. I went out on my bike but forgot the sun still goes down quite early (compared to the summer) and was stuck on my way home without lights on my bike. Risky perhaps, but not terribly, and neither was it particularly exciting. But I did enjoy being back on my bike, even if just for a short while.

Exciting news for the week mind. They have new spinning bikes in the gym! How marvellous. I spent half an hour on one the other day. I really enjoyed it. However, I didn’t really enjoy the next couple of days where my thighs felt like someone had replaced the muscle with inflexible metal which would charge up with kinetic energy before occasionally releasing it with some gusto into the soft areas of flesh surrounding it. Generally every time I took a step. Or stood up. Or sat down again. I think I need to tone down my workout somewhat before my next visit. At least till I’ve built up a mild level of fitness rather than fooling myself into thinking I’m still as fit as I was before I started sitting around in the garden just enjoying the sunshine.

The major problem with the sun is that I never feel like I do enough with it. Well, I don’t mean actually doing things with the sun of course, but just general things whilst the sun it out and I’m outside. A twitter friend has gone to a forest for walkabouts today. When I heard this I was quite jealous, I love forests, I could wander round them for hours. Days even. Hell, I could live in a forest. At least until I had to come home for dinner. But as jealous as I could be I realised this feeling was dwarfed by a feeling I get quite a lot. One of slight stupidity, but also of complete ignorance. Where are the forests around here? There must be some somewhere. When I grew up in the countryside I had lots of forests, fields, streams (great for catching sticklebacks and scooping up some frog spawn) and other assorted outdoor areas to run around in. But I’ve moved away from all that and suddenly realise that I don’t have it anymore. There could be one just down the road from me and I wouldn’t realise it. How does that happen? I can blame it on being busy I guess, but I am just making excuses for having lost touch with some of the things I love in life. I think that’s a definite.

Right, screw this sun, I’m going to sit inside on the sofa and google for forests.

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