About Me

I’m a simple person with simple needs. In fact, people mention to me on a regular basis what a simple person I am. Including my mother.

Why Monkey Boy? It’s a nick name, why was it given to me? It could be because I like bananas, or swinging from trees, or I’m simply weird and pick things from other people’s hair. I’ll let you decide whether it’s any of the above, all the above, or if any of the above just happened once and I’ve never lived it down.

You may be asking yourself what you are doing here. Well, I can’t tell you the answer to that, I hope I may amuse you, but I may just show you the inner workings of a monkey – without the dulcet tones of David Attenborough to guide you through in an interesting and informative manner. Sometimes it may seem unguided but then that’s my life.

Why have I created this web site I hear you cry? (Crying vocally rather than tearfully I hope, I have no intention of upsetting any one) I initially set this up to show my partner how easy it was to create a web site, once done I figured I’d put some content up. Before I knew it I was I waffling away to no one in particlar about nothing of any vague interest, and that’s where the story begins…